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There is nothing worst than beautiful rims covered by brake dust! An ever-increasing number of wheels on today’s cars and trucks are made of a type of alloy – what industry veterans may term as “mag” wheels since they were initially made of magnesium.

While a few autos still have a plastic wheel cover mounted over a darkly painted steel wheel, even these vehicles have the alternative to move up to fancier wheels. Many individuals choose to go for the update, and those wheels, similar to whatever is left of the car, get dirty and require cleaning in between the spokes.

Understanding Brake Dust, Wheels' Worst Enemy

At Revvd Motors we deal with luxury vehicles on the daily, and all luxury vehicles have aluminum wheels or 'rims' as everyone prefers to calls them. Brake dust is highly attracted to these gaps in the rims and requires ongoing maintenance. Brake dust is made of waxy and carbon fibers that fall off the brake cushion and minor metal shavings from the rotor. The extraordinary warmth and friction created by the wheels make this belnd exceedingly corrosive. Since you presumably drive each day, more brake dust is always being made. Visit cleaning is the best way to shield your wheels safe from pitting and corrosion. However, brake dust is similar to soot and can be very difficult to remove from lighter-colored finishes. One of the most common finishes found on wheels is unpainted aluminum, it is particularly good at highlighting brake dust.

The Process

We have perfected the method of removing brake dust and we will share with you the Revvd Motors step by step process to clean brake dust. Bare aluminum has the tendency to oxidize. Sometimes, OEM aluminum wheels have shield coating on top oto prevent aluminum from oxidizing. For coated aluminum, you will need wheel cleaners and polishes that are safe for coatings. On the off chance your aluminum wheels don't have protection; you can afford to use a very strong aluminum polish.

Materials Needed:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Mild car wash soap
  • Eye protection, safety glasses
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Hose or another water source
  • Small towel or sponge
  • Wash glove or a mitt
  • Clean towels
  • Bucket and sponge
  • Wax

You can purchase all the materials at any big box grocery store or drop the car off at Revvd Motors if you're anywhere in the Greater Toronto area of Canada. 

We recommend cleaning the wheels when it is cool and before washing your vehicle. Cleaning wheels first will prevent brake dust and dirty water from splashing onto a clean car. 

Step 1

Wash aluminum wheels to evacuate free dirt and brake dust. Utilize a fireman’s Nozzle to convey an exceptionally solid stream of water. Make sure to likewise wash between spokes, the brake calpiers, and behind the wheels. Keep in mind, brake dust can crawl into each and every hole.

Step 2

Spray one wheel at a given moment with an alumnimum wheel cleaner. A Couple of cases are SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect, Detailer's Pro Series Cleaner, and P21s Gel Wheel Cleaner. These cleaners are non-acidic keeping in mind the end goal is to clean successfully without damaging the wheel.

Step 3

Utilize a delicate abounded wheel brush to scrub the wheel. Use gentle movements as the brush may scratch the aluminum and afterward you may need to work harder to repair it. The Speed Master Wheel Brush is an awesome choice for this since it can fit restricted spaces and has an adaptable stem. The delicate swarms slacken grime and brake dust without scratching the wheel. Reach through the spokes to clean the wheel front to back. 

Step 4

Don't forget the lug nuts. Brake dust hides wherever it can. Use a lug nut brush to clean around the lug nuts ans inside the lug not holes. While you're working with the brushes, the wheel should remain wet. The water and wheel clenaner help loosen grime, but they also lubricate the wheel surface to prevent scratching. You never want to let a wheel cleaner dry on the wheel because it will spot the finish. 

Step 5

Spray the wheel well generously with an all-purpose cleaner, like Detailer's Pro Series Cleanse-All Exterior Surface Cleaner. Use a long-handled brush with sturdy bristles to agitate the wheel well. Do not use your soft wheel brush on the wheel wells. Likewise, do not use the wheel well brush on the wheel itself. Thin soft and gentle on wheels, strong and sturdy for wheel wells.   

Step 6

Rinse the wheels and the wheel wells, including the lug nut holes and between the spoke with a gentle stream of luke warm water. Rinse until it’s clean.

Step 7

Always dry your wheels, wet spots are unattractive wherever they are, even on the wheels. You can use an all Purpose Microfiber towel and gently go over the wheel finish and hold any residual brake dust that may still be left over. To avoid-cross contamination, use this towel only on wheels and wash it separately from your other microfiber towels. Brake dust is the last thing you want on your paint.

If you think this process is too time consuming, which it is!, don't worry, at Revvd Motors, we got your back. Just find your way to 5134 Everest Drive, Mississauga Just off the 401 hwy in Ontario and let us turn your dirty old wheels into brand new ones.

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