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Ready to take your SUV to the next level? The 2018 Kia Sorento will check off every one of your boxes, especially when you choose to upgrade to the turbo-4 form! 

In this newest design for 2018, the Kia Sorento got some major upgrades. For years now, the Sorento has consistently been well-regarded for its smooth and quiet ride, its luxurious feel inside and out, and its capability. Regardless which model you may be interested in (L, LX, EX, SX, or SXL), the Sorento is a crossover that visually pleasing and modern in its design. Each line curves around the crossover smoothly – there is no jagged or sharp edge. The details make it attractive and approachable, not over-the-top and flashy.

The base model comes with a 4-cylinder engine. New to this generation, however, is the option to upgrade what’s under the hood and get a turbo-4, boasting 240 horsepower. Even more, upgrade to a V6 and get an extra 50 horsepower to get you from A to B efficiently in this all wheel drive Kia.

In the interior, the Kia Sorento makes a great impression. The plush and luxurious leather seating plus the soft accents give you a ride that’s in style. An available heating steering wheel and a 14-way power-adjust driver’s seat offers premium comfort everywhere you go and sit. Notably, the Sorento’s interior, when chosen cloth, has a fabric that is made for the active lifestyle. The fabric is a soft, quick-drying fabric that resists stains, reduces static, and even eliminates odors.

Power is also great for the interior and its passengers. The 2018 Sorento has up to eight outlets, including four 12v outlets, two available USB rapid-charging ports, one available 110v inverter, and one AUX/USB port. So that you and your passengers never have to worry about losing power while on the road.

Lastly, the Sorento is street smart. From available Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) to the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), the Sorento offers available Kia Drive Wise technologies to help you stay on course. An available Surround View Monitor (SVM) allows you to have a bird’s-eye-view of your Sorento, making it easy to keep in touch with your surroundingsFeature Articles, especially when parking or backing out. The Rear Parking Assist System (RPAS) is also available to help make every maneuver a breeze.

Our Santa Fe car dealer encourages you to stop by for a test drive to see if this new Kia crossover is right for you.

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